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From idea to product

Each year – the R&D Department of Krynica Vitamin SA develops well over 100 new beverage recipes. The process by which a new product is introduced for production consists of several stages.

Step 1 – assess the needs of the client

The first step in preparing a new project for implementation is to obtain all essential information about the beverage from the client who is commissioning production. At this stage, the R&D and Production departments analyze the feasibility of the project.

Step 2 – recipe

We create a recipe for the beverage. Implementation specialists work out parameters for the new drink, which is then mixed and tested. Technologists and lab technicians specify the product’s physiochemical and microbiological parameters and its sensory features. Raw materials are then verified and their specifications are determined.

Step 3 – sensory tests

Preparation of sensory samples of the product for the client. Product taste testing involves the participation of representatives of the client’s company and specialists from the R&D Department. Should it be necessary, the client will participate in laboratory work aimed at making requisite taste adjustments. The work ends with the creation of product models. Once a product model has been approved, a final assessment of the project is submitted to the client for approval.

Step 4 – characteristics and trial production

Once the technical and financial parameters of the project have been approved, detailed technical and technological documentation of the product is drawn up. This includes determining product specifications and conducting final tests in the Implementation Department laboratory and the Quality Control Department laboratory. This enables production parameters to be established, which in turn allows test production to be implemented. The latter takes place in the presence of the Production Manager and the Implementation Specialist.

Step 5 – HACCP and GIS approval

Prior to being produced each product must be approved by all departments connected with production and with the HAACP team. Therefore, all information on the new project is submitted for approval to the Food Safety Team.

Step 6 – Production

Once the Main Sanitary Inspector has confirmed receipt of notification, industrial production begins under the specified conditions. The next step in the process is to introduce the product for sale.

Additional Services

Each modified or newly created product should undergo a detailed process of accelerated testing for storage stability. We offer this service to our clients. Our graphics department prepares a packaging design containing, among other things, previously agreed-upon texts concerning ingredients, production technology and other graphical elements required by law.