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Our values

Working at Krynica Vitamin is a good career choice.
We believe that a company’s greatest asset is its people; when they develop, our company develops. We look after employees at every level, and offer attractive salaries, the possibility for development and advancement and additional training.



Our employees play a key role in making our operations a reality.
We have created a team of dedicated and open people who are able to function in situations that require fast reaction times and creative problem-solving skills. We want to grow as a company, so we look after the development of our employees by offering a series of internal and external training courses. We do our best to ensure that our employees are as satisfied with their jobs as our clients are with the products we offer them.



Applying to Krynica Vitamin.
If you’re interested in working with a market leader in the beverages sector of the food industry, please send us your CV and cover letter.

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