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Leading Polish producer of beverages

We are a leading Polish producer of non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages. We specialize in producing beverages for our own brands and providing bottling services for brand-name products.
Our offer includes functional and energy drinks such as isotonic and hypotonic drinks, beverages that support the metabolism, and diet supplementary vitamin drinks.

We also offer functional waters, modern mixed-fruit drinks, drinks with fruit pulp, alcopops, ciders, malt beverages and a wide selection of carbonated beverages.

About Us
About Us

Clients and markets

In Poland we cooperate with most existing commercial networks and owners of recognized and highly regarded beverage brands.
We compete with increasing influence and effectiveness on international markets.

We deliver private label goods and brand name products to Germany, Sweden, France, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Baltic Region and elsewhere. Further, our presence in our close Eastern Markets is steadily increasing.

Comprehensive solutions

We are a partner for companies that are looking for high-turnover, fashionable, delicious beverages.
We focus on comprehensive solutions - we study market trends, support new ideas, create recipes in our R&D department, prepare registration documents, and select suppliers for ingredients and packaging.

Beverages bottled in our facility undergo careful inspection in our laboratory. Raw materials used in production are carefully inspected on an ongoing basis, as is the quality and properties of the finished beverage.

About Us

About Us

Quality assured by certification

We possess many certifications which confirm the high quality of our services including: IFS, BRC, ISO and ISO 22000.
Our certifications also include the GOST certification, which allows us to sell our beverages on the Russian market. Our products also meet the requirements of the Arab markets as guaranteed by the HALAL certification.

Furthermore, we possess essential know-how within the scope of beverage kosherization, and we offer innovative products of our own that are certified KOSHER. Our production plant is FDA registered as a producer of beverages permitted to sell its products on the American market.